KEY: 1R = 1st Round Qualifier     

Tilney St Lawrence Riding Club

Location: Wings Field, Wisbech Road, PE14 7LH

Dressage Dates:

Showing Dates:13/4/20,10/5/20,25/5/20,6/9/20

Jumping Dates: 14/6/20,12/7/20,9/8/20,13/9/20

Grey Fern Park Equestrian Centre

Location: 117 Coates Road, Eastrea, Whittlesey, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE7 2BD

Dressage Dates:  26/1/20,16/2/20,15/03/20

Showjumping Dates: 19/01/20,9/2/20,8/3/20

Showing Dates: 23/2/20,29/3/20

Mystique Shows & Events
Location: April/ May: 117 Coates Road, Whittlesey, Peterborough, PE7 2BD

                  July: 175 Outwell Road, PE14 8BG

Showing Dates: 11th April 2020, 2nd May 2020, 19th July 2020

Dressage: 25th April 2020, 19th July 2020

Jumping: 19th April 2020

Fenland Equestrian Centre

Location: Red Moor Lane, Begdale, Elm, PE14 0RN

Showjumping Dates: 12/1/20,9/2/20,8/3/20,12,4/20,14/5/20,14/6/20,12/7/20,9/8/20,13/9/20,11/10/20,8/11/20,13/12/20

Dressage Dates: 26/1/20,23/2/20,22/3/20,24/4/20,26/4/20,22/5/20,28/5/20,26/6/20,28/6/20,24/7/20,26/7/20,21/8/20,23/8/20,25/9/20,27/9/20,25/10/20,22/11/20,20/12/20

Showing Dates:5/1/20,2/2/20,1/3/20,5/4/20,3/5/20,7/6/20,5/7/20,2/8/20,6/9/20,4/10/20,1/11/20,6/12/20

GoodHope Farm Shows And Events

Location: GoodHope Farm, Sutton Road, Haddenham

Dressage Dates: 7/6/20,21/6/20,5/7/20,26/7/20,9/8/20,22/8/20

Showjumping Dates: 

Showing Dates: 

Spalding and District Riding Club

Location: Irbyhall, whaplode, spalding  PE12 6RX

Dressage Dates:  19/4/20,17/5/20,21/6/20/,19/7/20,16/8/20,20/9/20

Showjumping Dates: 19/4/20,17/5/20,21/6/20/,19/7/20,16/8/20,20/9/20

Showing Dates:19/4/20,17/5/20,21/6/20/,19/7/20,16/8/20,20/9/20

East Herts Hunt Pony Club

Location: Knebworth Showground SG3 6QB

Showjumping Dates: 11/6/20, 18/6/20, 25/6/20

Truesdale Equestrian Centre

Location: PE6 9NW

Dressage Dates:  12/1/20,9/2/20,15/3/20,19/4/20,10/5/20

The Sunshine Centre CIC

Location: Downham Market, Ely, Cambridgeshire

Dressage Dates: 

Showing Dates: